PoINT Software storage management

Quality Made in Germany is certainly one of the reasons for the long lasting cooperation with PoINT Software, a software company located in Siegen, Germany, which is mainly dedicated to storage management and archiving on optical media.

Software made in Germany

PoINT offers software products for the areas "Storage & Archiving", "On-Demand Publishing & Duplication" and "Optical Toolkits". The product portfolio includes network-wide storage solutions, which can integrate different storage systems and even already existing hardware (storage consolidation), solutions for writing and duplication of CD, DVD and Blu-ray media as well as solutions for professional audio and video recording.

PoINT Storage Manager - Tiered Storage & Archiving

PoINT Storage Manager" is an intelligent, technology independent storage management solution. On the basis of defined rules, data in a tiered storage architecture are automatically migrated to the appropriate storage tier. Different mass storage technologies (hard disk, tape, optical, cloud) can be integrated into this multi-tiered storage architecture. Other features include file virtualization, data protection, data security, etc.


Data sheet (PDF):
PoINT Storage Manager - Archive Edition
PoINT Storage Manager - Migration Edition
PoINT Storage Manager - Data & Storage Management
PoINT Storage Manager - Connector for Cloud and Object Storage
PoINT Storage Manager - White Paper [DE]
PoINT Storage Manager - White Paper [EN]

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PoINT Archival Gateway - Tape-based S3 object storage

Today, data is being generated ever faster and in ever larger quantities (e.g. in research, media or diagnostics). The resulting problem of storage and archiving is solved by the software product "PoINT Archival Gateway", which stores large data volumes with high transfer rates on tape storage systems safely and compliant to regulations. PoINT Archival Gateway is a software-based and high performance object storage and supports tape libraries. In this combination, data volumes in the three-digit petabyte range can be stored and archived without problems. It is crucial that PoINT Archival Gateway receives the data volumes quickly, writes them safely to the tape media and that the data can be read again performant. Due to its high scalability PoINT Archival Gateway supports transfer rates of more than 1 PB per day.


PoINT Archival Gateway offers a standardized S3 REST API as interface for applications which have to store data. Thus, the software can be used for the strongly increasing number of applications supporting object-based storage based on S3 REST without any adjustments. The concept of PoINT Archival Gateway abstracts from the used tape storage system, which is freely selectable and exchangeable. The highly scalable S3 REST Web Service of PoINT Archival Gateway ensures almost unlimited parallelism and very high data transfer rates.

High Availability

Furthermore, system stability as well as data protection and availability are essential features of PoINT Archival Gateway. Data security is ensured by modern "Erasure Coding" procedures. Data blocks are stored redundantly on several tape media, so that there is no data loss even in case of defective media. The fail-safe operation of the server systems running PoINT Archival Gateway is realized by redundant server nodes, which are automatically managed by PoINT Archival Gateway.

Data sheet (PDF):
PoINT Archival Gateway - White paper
PoINT Archival Gateway - Tape-based S3 Object Storage
PoINT Data Replicator - File and Object Replication to S3 Storage

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PoINT Jukebox Manager - File System for Optical

PoINT Jukebox Manager" offers a solution for secure data storage on optical media in jukeboxes and single drives, including automated media monitoring. High data availability is guaranteed by media copy, mirroring and clustering.

Data sheet (PDF):
PoINT Jukebox Manager - File System for Optical

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